Water Filters That Remove Fluoride [Best 5]

Water is our lifeline but unfortunately, our lifeline is contaminated with fluoride. Despite knowing the ill effect of fluoride, scientists suggest adding some level of fluoride to our drinking water. Why? As per a study, low fluoride levels can help in the prevention of tooth decay. Usually, children are affected by tooth decay.   The regular dental checkups are not cost-effective therefore a little fluoride in their water can save from tooth decay. But consuming too much fluoride can cause multiple health issues. Hence, I suggest you buy water filters that remove fluoride.

Water filters that remove fluoride

Basic Features

My suggestion is to check on the basic features like installation, portability, filtration system and above all- its cost. If you want a filter on which you can save installation costs, then go for a portable option like big Berkey. On the other hand, if you wish one with a special system and great efficiency then woder FRM is best. And if you want something that fulfills your emergency needs, then again woder FRM is good. The second option that I like is a Big Berkey.

Cheap Option

Apart from these, if you are interested in a cheap option then go for an aquagear water filter and the home master. However, these two are cheapest among all and perfect for your purifying needs. And between these two, the winner is the home master. It removes fluoride by 93 percent whereas aquagear removes only 90 percent of it. However, aquagear removes chromium, arsenic, lead, chloramines, chlorine, mercury, and other impurities as well. Also, it is recyclable as well which means you are not buying a perfect solution for yourself but also the environment.

A Better Choice

But for a better choice, go with woder FRM because it removes contaminants by 99.9 percent. This is good for your skin and body too. Although all those I have mentioned are good at some points but the final decision should be yours. So, I hope this guide has relieved you from your water filter buying confusion. Now, you may make a better decision I guess, so enjoy safe drinking.

Best 5 water filters that remove fluoride

Check out these top picks that will not put a hole in your wallet and you will get a good water filter. Here is a quick comparison table for making your buying decision easier.


What I like about this one is that it’s inexpensive and compact. You can easily put it beside your sink. Moreover, installing a home master is not a big headache. It works best and removes everything harmful from the water. Luckily, you get two color options here- black and white. But the filter doesn’t have any fancy housing but overall it’s a great value for money. There is only one cartridge in this unit. The contaminants have to go through three stages for complete removal. The activate alumina stage of filter removes 93 percent of the fluoride including arsenic.
Moreover, there is a carbon filtration stage too for removing chlorine and odor from the water. it has a compression disc between these two stages. As a result of this combination, you get very pure water. So, enjoy chemical-free water that not only tastes good but also has no odor or discoloration.

DisadvantageWater Filters That Remove Fluoride

Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage of this filter that can filter only 500 gallons of water. Once the filter’s capacity to purify this much water amount is over, you have to replace the cartridge. How early should you replace the cartridge? Approx after 3 months you need to replace it. but the good part is that its portable and fits easily. No matter whether you are using it at home or in an office or taking it with you during vacation, you will get pure water every time.

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Unique in its class and design, big Berkey gives you a better quality of the water. unfortunately, it’s not cheap so you have to spend a few dollars but buying it is a worthy decision. This 5-stage filter works on the reverse osmosis process.Well, many buyers would skip this product just by seeing its price tag but I think you should give a view to its features at least once.

A Lifesaver

The filter is a lifesaver for those who often travel to different places. Thanks to its portable feature. Also, its stylish look makes you carry it everywhere you go. And it’s a lifetime investment because of the materials used to make it. Tourists would love this because of its stainless steel body and unique filtration system.


How much water it can carry? About 2-2.5 gallons of water is enough to fill this one. No matter what the water source is, it will give you clean and safe water for drinking. Thanks to its self-sterilizing technology that makes the water clean by removing bacteria and parasites. Therefore, this is a great option for tourists to get fluoride-free water immediately. Fortunately, these are reusable because of easy cleaning. That’s a big plus in the big Berkey you will not get anywhere else. And not only traveler but it is also good for using it at home. Every day you can enjoy water free from fluoride. I bet you will not regret paying for the big Berkey.

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This high-capacity filter is extremely pricey but worthy too. It not only has an RO filtration system but also has a water softener. So, you are paying for two in one unit and that’s what I call a great investment. Surprisingly, this one is a powerful filter in the list because it can eliminate more than 1000 contaminants with its 3-stage sediment filtration technology. Unfortunately, it doesn’t remove fluoride so if you specifically want filters for fluoride removal, move to the next option.

Need More Space

Moreover, this is an under-sink filter that will need more space for installation. Luckily, above the counter or table, you will see only the faucet and the filtration part is under the sink. What is great about this unit is that you don’t have to worry about water regulation standard for filtration. Made from quality materials, this one is extremely safe to use. Unluckily, you have to pay more for this one and need a good space in your kitchen to fit it. Despite this, I guess it’s worth buying because of its features.

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Pitcher filters are great options in terms of size. So, if you are looking for a compact unit with the good design then aqua gear should surely be on the list. Its 100 percent BPA-free filter, recyclable, and FDA approved. The filter is tested well for meeting all the NSF standards for contaminant reduction. Other than fluoride removal, it eliminates copper and lead from the water. Aquagear is a filter with triple capacity that can produce around 150 gallons of water. As a result, it lasts longer than other filters and saves your money.

A Surprise

Surprisingly, Aquagear can not only remove fluoride and other toxic substance but also remove more than 2000 contaminants. You get 2-micron pores in this five-stage filter. Fortunately, it does not wash out the healthy minerals from the water like magnesium and calcium. On the other hand, other filters remove the toxic elements along with the useful minerals. You should at least give a thought about buying aqua gear if you need a long time solution. Moreover, the lifetime guarantee is enough to convince you.

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Unlike other RO filters that waste a lot of water, this one is a water savior. Although it’s expensive its dual filtration system is capable of giving you purest water. in short, it removes every contaminant from the water with full efficiency. Also, easy installation, no water wastage, and compact size make it a great choice. Its filter cartridges look standard but it’s advanced too. In short, don’t get confused with its look because its working efficiency is great. Surprisingly, you get 99.9 percent fluoride-free water from woder FRM. And in the process, you don’t lose healthy minerals from your water.
When it comes to installing it, you can do it on your own. Everything in this filter made of supreme quality materials that make it impressive. Although it’s simple in design but effective in its performance.

Why should buy water filters that remove fluoride

So, do you know which water filter or purifier should you purchase? Well, your answer may be RO water filters but you may not know that not all of them give you purified water. A basic water filter only gives you sulfur and chlorine-free water. Most of them don’t offer fluoride-free water. Not even the best type of filter like an active carbon filter can remove fluoride. So, is there any way to remove this toxic element from your drinking water? Of course, there is a way.
Reverse osmosis or RO, distillation, strong base anion exchange, and activated alumina exchange media are few of those ways.
But no need to worry about how these methods work and let the water filters that remove fluoride do the job. Check out my guide to know which one is best. This is your complete buying guide for water filters. Before we move forward, I would like to give you an insight into the fluoride effects on your health.

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Why your drinking water contains fluoride?

Naturally, the fluorine is present in your water but too much of that effect adversely on your health. But the question is why on the earth do municipal authorities add this toxic element in our water. Well, it is possible because it’s necessary for getting healthy teeth.


Tooth decay is usually seen in the young kid’s age below 9. They have developing teeth and eating too many sugars cause a cavity. It happens due to the acid produced by the combination of sugar and bacteria in the mouth. Tooth enamel erodes due to the acid production in your mouth. But fluoride prevents this by reducing demineralization. It strengthens the enamel by the process of remineralization.


So, fluoride less than 2mg in per liter is not a cause of concern but greater quantities are a cause of concern. It can cause serious issues to our teeth and bone health. Unfortunately, it affects more to our children aged than 9 years. As a result, their teeth get discoloration and even dis-figuration. Moreover, their bones experience deterioration by the presence of fluoride in their body. In addition to this, fluoride can cause the following health problems.

Water filters that remove fluoride

So, check out these filters type that fits perfectly to your need.

Reverse osmosis water filters

These filters have a reverse osmosis membrane and a series of filters containing carbon blocks. When the water runs through these blocks, contaminants get trapped. Usually, there are 4-6 stages through which the water has to go through. Luckily, most of the filters have 10 stages which give better result but they are costly.
  • It can remove different toxic elements whether organic or inorganic
  • Clean foul taste and odors from the water
  • Gives an instant supply of water
  • Installation is easy without the expert’s help
  • Moreover, it’s easy to uninstall and move the filter
  • Unfortunately, RO filters also remove good minerals along with fluoride removal.
  • For producing one gallon of clean water it wastes 3-4 gallons, that’s too much waste.
  • The bad news is that you will not get fresh water if the pressure of water is low, so you need a pump for their proper work
  • Not good for emergency filtration

Gravity filters

Such filters type use activated alumina media for blocking fluoride. These are simple types containing two containers where one contains water and the other one collects impurity.
  • Effective on removing all kinds of impurities from the water
  • No need for installation as you can put it on the table or kitchen platform
  • The is portable and versatile
  • Gives water with great taste
  • Luckily, it doesn’t waste water and utilizes every drop of it
  • Unlike RO filters, it doesn’t take good minerals away with the waste
  • Good during the emergency supply of water
  • Refilling is the issue with gravity filters for constant water supply
  • Unfortunately, it slowly filters the water
  • Also, it takes too much space for adjusting in your kitchen

Water distillation

However, here is an amazing water filter that removes fluoride.
It is because it does not remove contaminants from the water instead it removes water through the distillation process. Although the process of filtration and distillation is similar we cannot say it works the same.
So, how does it work? It boils the water until it becomes steam. As a result, fluoride is left from the water. Moreover, it kills any bacteria from the water. When the steam gets cool down it turns back into the water and gets collected into the container.
  • Since it not only removes fluoride but also bacteria and viruses, so the taste is surely better
  • Using such filter is a lot easier than others as all you have to do is just press the button
  • Also, the filters are not very big that makes it portable so you can easily carry it when you are on a trip or vacation
  • Very very effective
  • However, its small capacity makes it a less preferable option
  • It’s slow so you have to wait for hours to get only one gallon of water
  • Similar to the RO filter, it also takes away all the beneficiary minerals from the water
  • Since it works on electricity get ready for a huge electricity bill

Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

Luckily, these water filters that remove fluoride have simple setup as they only have three parts- the filter, the pitcher, and the reservoir.
  • In just $75 you can get it, so its quite inexpensive
  • And it’s portable too
  • The compact size of the filter makes it the most preferable option
  • Holds only ½ gallon of water or even less
  • Cannot work for years and not even months
So, with these filters type now you know what kind of water filters that remove fluoride will you get in the market? But these are only the types and not the models. So, what you need to know is what the good ones are. I wanna ask one question, do you need a good one? Or buying a cost-effective one is your goal? Well, I guess you want both, right. Just like these, there must be many questions popping into your mind. Read my FAQ section below and get your answers.

Fluoride causes these problems

Skeletal fluorosis

What’s that? This is a bone disease that occurs due to excessive consumption of fluoride. As a result, your bones become weak and you feel pain in bones and joints. Also, you feel stiffness in bones due to the decrease of elasticity. In short, they are no more flexible which makes them vulnerable to fractures.

Thyroid issues 

Too much fluoride in the water can increase the amount of calcium in your blood. How? When the parathyroid gland gets damage due to excess fluoride, there is an abundance of secretion of the parathyroid hormones. As a result, the calcium in your bones reduces and accumulates in the blood. Furthermore, the bones become weak and can easily get fractures from injury.

Neurological problems

If you are a pregnant lady then you must be very careful about your water consumption because it’s not good for your baby. Excess fluoride leads to neurological problems and birth defects.

Other issues

Fluoride is not even good for your skin and you can get acne. Other than this, it causes high blood pressures, heart failure, reproductive issues, bone cancer, and more health problems.Therefore, the amount of fluoride in water must be up to the acceptance levels. Ultimately, the next question is which water filter removes fluoride effectively from your drinking water. Luckily, you don’t have to do so much research on the internet because here is a guide for you.

Buying guide for the water filters that remove fluorides

Unfortunately, it’s not only about the fluoride in your water but also another contaminant like chlorine and sulfur. All these elements make the water hard and unfit for drinking. Therefore, to bring back the softness of the water these elements should be removed. There are lots of filter type that works toward removing these elements but most of them don’t do their job correctly. So, let us first see what doesn’t work for fluoride removal.

Filters that are not good at removing fluoride

Unfortunately, we are so unlucky that water filter manufacturers don’t make every filter equally. For example, your pitcher type filter gives you better taste but when it comes to fluoride removing, it’s not worthy. And faucet-mounted filters, and under sink filters are the same. On the other hand, carbon activated filters are good for fluoride removing but they lose effectiveness quickly. But the good news is that there are many more options in the market for water filters that remove fluoride. And our next section is about that.

FAQ section

Any filter or one that removes fluoride?

Well, every water filter does the basic task of purifying water but they may not remove fluoride. On the other hand, a water filter that removes fluorides makes your drinking safer removing maximum contaminants from water. So, buying a complete purification solution is a smart investment.

How bad fluoride is for your body?

However, the cavity is the biggest issue among children and if they drink fluoride water then they will get more cavities. Additionally, as they grow their teeth will become weaker and prone to discoloration. And not only their teeth but also bones will become weak. So, buy a water filter then removes fluoride and prevent tooth decay and other health issues.

Should I switch to another water source?

Commonly, we use tap water which contains some level of fluoride. Changing the water source is not a solution because even some food contains fluoride. Although you can avoid the food containing fluoride water is essential. But switching to another water source won’t help because it presents naturally in the water.

Should I buy a water filter?

Depending on the quality of the water you get, you should make the decision. However, getting a water filter that removes fluorides is a better option because no matter how good water is, it still contains chlorine. Chlorine is also not good for health so get a water filter.

Can I use water for another purpose?

Yes, of course. Not only your body but plants also need pure water for better growth. you can use that water for cooking, watering plants, and for more purpose.

Under sink or portable filter

Well, the answer depends on you because both are good options. A portable one has a double advantage as you can fix it in your kitchen and take outside as well. But if huge capacity is your need, then go for another option because portable one has not such high capacity.

Should I buy bottled water?

Of course, you can but that’s not the permanent solution. These water bottles are occasionally tested for purity. And there is no surety that they are 100 percent pure. Usually, bottled water doesn’t contain filter water. On the other hand, some of them focus on improving the taste of water rather than removing toxic substances. Moreover, they are not BPA free even if they claim because plastic containers are usually having BPA. As a result, they are toxic and you don’t get what the company claims. The bottled water is expensive too and I guess you cannot buy it whenever you are thirsty. In that case, you should get a lifetime solution i.e. water filter. Overall, the water filters are the best option in terms of both cost and safety.


I guess all in the list are good because each one fits the different needs of buyers. They gave your purest water without any fluoride, chlorine, and other toxic components. So, if you ask me which one should I buy then only you can answer better? It’s your personal preference. Check out the features of every filter and compare them. And for your ease, there is a comparison table at the top.   We also did a review on aquasana water filter. Do check them out.


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