Titan Garbage Disposal Review in 2022

titan garbage disposal

Choosing the best garbage disposal unit can be a challenge. Every brand out there brags about proprietary technologies and significant power that you cannot find in other units, not to mention a series of bells and whistles.

The truth is not every model out there can match y​​our needs. Sure, if you want to get rid of a few leaves and a bit of rice on a daily basis, any garbage disposal will do. But when it comes to proper leftovers from a big family, you need to do a bit of homework.


I used to change the garbage disposal every few years. Do not get me wrong – those few years were full of repairs and maintenance activities to unclog the appliance.

Obviously, I used to buy with the price tag in mind. I have never really bothered about proper research regarding power and capabilities, so I learned this lesson the hard way. Then, I realized I was not rich enough to afford cheap stuff, so I thought a quality item that can last me for many years would be a better option.


The Titan Garbage Disposal drew my attention while researching products by their durability. I was happy that it came from a reputable manufacturer – Titan. While this is a good clue, it is definitely not enough.

A bit of education on capabilities and maintenance will also help, not to mention materials, maintenance, and long-term costs. I decided it was time to do this right. All in all, here is everything I could find about it.

titan garbage disposal

Titanium Garbage Disposal – Power specifications

The best part about Titan’s best garbage disposal is that you can buy it with different power standards. It normally depends on what you normally eat. For example, you may not need so much power if you are vegan or vegetarian. All in all, no matter what you eat, a general rule of thumb says we should never settle for less than half a horsepower.

TITAN T1060 Garbage Disposal


Titan Garbage Disposal

  • Finish – Black
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Installation Method – 3 Bolt
  • Warranty – 10 Years
  • Horsepower – 1-1/4 HP





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Based on my research, it looks like the highest power is the best-selling variety. Practically, you get 1-1/4HP, which is more than enough to grind everything. You can get rid of most types of food, including thin and medium chicken bones. To me, power means efficiency, even if I do not eat meat on a daily basis.


So, what should you expect from this option? The powerful motor comes with 2,800 rotations per minute. The permanent magnet motor ensures lots of power round the clock – the RPM will never go down as you run the appliance.

Facing odors with Titan Garbage Disposal T1060


This is another problem that you may be familiar with. If you have ever had a cheap or average garbage disposal, you are probably familiar with that rotten smell. Sometimes, it smells like a rotten corpse mixed with chlorine – hard to describe anyway. This one does not smell like lavender either, but at least the rotten smell is gone.


Titan has implemented a so-called Bio Shield treatment. Practically, the Bio Shield is molded on the inside. While rotten and old food will inevitably bring in some bacteria as well, this shield does a pretty good job at keeping the associated odors away.


The secret is in the material used. I am not sure what it is, but it is not so highly absorbent, meaning odors are less likely to build their way up – great news!

No more cutlery issues


I mentioned it before – the motor features a magnet. I bet you saw it, but you did not bother to ask yourself what it might mean. See, this is the main problem associated with people buying garbage disposal units – they go through the specs, whether they understand them or not.


This magnet feature is known as Silver Guard. It is extremely powerful. If you accidentally have a knife or a fork hidden under the leftovers, this magnet will catch it before it gets into the disposer.


It is not a common problem, but let us be honest about it – it happens every now and then. I tried the system with a coin first, only to see if it can detect small things. Mission accomplished! Many coins are not magnetic, but I had a foreign coin from a trip, so I tried it out.


Then, you probably ask yourself – how big or small should your cutlery be to be caught? I even tried my old bread knife, which is quite old. Bang, straight to the side of the magnet. Nothing goes through. I imagine something might go through if you throw 10 knives down the disposal, but who would do that?

Grinding system explained


So, you want to know a bit more about things that really matter, such as the grinding system. This is where the magic happens. The power is irrelevant if the grinding system is not powerful enough to support it.


This unit comes with a Torque Master grinding system. Exactly – what does it mean? I asked myself the same thing. Practically, it is a technology that ensures a balanced system. It tackles food from all sides for maximum efficiency.


The chamber has been designed to resist corrosion, so you will never have to worry about its maintenance. I think it is becoming some sort of a trend these days, as more and more brands come up with corrosion-resistant parts. After all, such parts would be hard to maintain otherwise. It is still worth noting that you have nothing to worry about.

Continuous operation


Now, there are two types of garbage disposals. One of them is continuous, so it keeps running until you stop it. It can take food as it grinds it – just make sure you do not exaggerate or it jams. The other one only works when the lid is down, so you will have to fill it, close the lid and do it again when the food is done.


Titan Garbage Disposal works continuously. Practically, you get it running and you keep throwing food inside. By the time you throw the empty dishes in the dishwasher, it will be done, so you can add more food.


This is the most popular type of garbage disposal these days. Most manufacturers recommend running water while the machine works. Titan says it is so powerful that it does not require any water. Bad idea. Just keep the tap running and it will ease the process.

Installation and maintenance procedures


If you are a DIY enthusiast like I am, you will love working on this model. The installation is fairly simple and makes a decent DIY project. Even if you have never worked with the garbage disposal, the installation is quite intuitive.


All in all, it features a classic three-bolt mounting system. Whether you are installing your first garbage disposal or you need to replace an old one, this kind of system makes it easier for you. If you are not 100% sure what you are doing, get a plumber to help you.


In terms of maintenance, there is not much to do. You can remove the rubber splash guard baffle without too much hassle. Cleaning is fairly simple, while other parts do not require too much care – remember the corrosion-resistant chamber.


A short video on how to install a 3 bolt garbage disposal

Materials and durability


Apart from the power, Titan Garbage Disposal T1060 is just as popular when it comes to its durability. In fact, I was looking for durable garbage disposals when I run into this model. Hear my advice – reach to a regular hardware shop and check out some average garbage disposals. You will see lots of plastic. Lots of it!


This one has a bit of plastic on the outside, but lots of durable metallic components where it actually matters. The impellers are made of stainless steel – durable, flexible, and less likely to corrode. The grinding components are based on the same material, so they are just as handy.


The impellers come with an extra feature that can make your life easier – they are built to never jam. I am not saying you can throw large pieces of turkey and bones inside the garbage disposal, but doing it with a bit of care will ensure you never have to open it and unclog it. You can forget about troubleshooting issues from this point of view.


In fact, Titan also brings in a lifetime warranty against failure due to corrosion, which tells you how confident the brand is when it comes to its quality standards.

Noise reduction


The actual noise is one of the most popular problems with garbage disposals. I found various technologies trying to reduce the noise. Pretty much every brand has its own type of design to keep the noise under control. Their reviews were not so encouraging though.


The truth is you will never be able to clear all the noise. When it comes to Titan, the T1060 model features a simplistic design to keep it under control. The grinding system is extremely well balanced. The noise is not really given by the motor, but the trembling and shaking. Given the balanced design, the operation is much quieter than in garbage disposals with even less power.


Furthermore, you get specific sound insulation that helps reduce the noise. The noise is not always a concern for me, but I would still like to have a conversation while getting rid of leftovers.

This garbage disposal can do it. If garbage disposal noise is a concern to you, do check out our best 5 quietest garbage disposals listings.

Sizing and weight standards


Given the power and efficiency, you would expect a massive unit that requires lots of space under the counter. Well, the garbage disposal is actually compact and can fit even if your space is limited. It only measures 17.3×8.7×17.3 inches.


If you bother to check out other units in this segment, you will notice most of them go around the same sizing standards. However, this one is more powerful, so it feels really compact.


It weighs just over 15 pounds, so it is quite lightweight for its power. Even if it was heavier, it would not have put too much pressure on your fixtures. However, the lightweight design adds to how easy it is to install.


In terms of design and style, you can only purchase Titan Garbage Disposal in black. I am not too bothered about it, as it is not visible, yet it might matter for some people.

What is included in the package?


You have everything you need in the package. Whether it comes to the installation or operation, everything is there. You can take it out of the box, install it, and run it within the next half an hour. No matter what motor size you select, each model comes with an attached power cord and a plug.


The manual of instructions is quite detailed and will also teach you how to install the unit, yet I could find some nice tutorials from other DIYers over the Internet.

Verdict of our Titanium Garbage Disposal

Bottom line, Titan Garbage Disposal T1060 is less likely to disappoint. Keep in mind, a good garbage disposal should last you for around a decade – more or less, depending on how often you use it. I used garbage disposals that went for a few years, as well as models that barely made it to five years.


From many points of view, the T1060 model is superior to what the market has to offer. It dominates this price segment and is likely to support your household for many years. It may not have any fancy bells and whistles or modernist technologies, but it has the right features to get the job done in a very efficient manner.