Pro Pur Water Filter Review – Do Not Buy Until You Read This

propur water filter review

Secure your clean water supply despite the circumstances with the best water filter available. To get fresher, healthier, and tastier water, we tried the most popular alternatives, but only Propur filters delivered satisfactory results.

For that reason, we decided to make a full Pro pure water filter review. Choosing the best water filter can be a lifesaver during an emergency, therefore making the right decision it’s crucial.


Water is a vital commodity. You can’t live without it, and you need to ensure its quality to avoid diseases. Accomplishing that can be hard depending on your situation. Don’t let anything chance and get yourself away to assure your water supply.


Propur water filters are good for any occasion and provide a consistent source of clean water. During emergencies, this is the safest way to get access to a non-contaminated supply. In your everyday life, you’ll also benefit from drinking healthier water.

pro pur water filter review

What Makes Pro Pur Water Filter The Best?

pro pur water filter review

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Before we start reviewing ProPur filters, some explanations are in order. Knowing what to look for in a filter is of utmost importance to understand why Propur filters are an ideal choice.

Water filters come in all shapes and sizes. Likewise, they rely on different methods to remove contaminants from your water. Many filters don’t get rid of most of the harmful substances that can be found in water.

ProPur water filters, on the other hand, are completely effective, but more on that later. In general, the factors that you should prioritize for better results using a water filter are:

Effective Filtration Methodpro pur water filter review

Often, filtration systems rely on flawed mechanisms to remove undesired substances from water. While Propur filters take care of a huge variety of materials, many other alternatives don’t. Lead, bacteria, and other elements are often left behind by other water filters.

You should remember to buy a filter that it’s capable of removing really small particles from your water. Ceramic and active carbon filters are both effective and affordable ways to reduce the risk of drinking contaminated water.

However, better results are achieved when using both methods, like the system employed by Propur’s ProOne filters.

Convenient Size

Most filtration systems are permanently attached to a water source. That limits the range of uses you can give to those filters. Others, like ProPur, are capable of filtering from their tank.

If you want to take full advantage of such mobility, then getting a filter reasonably sized it’s important. When looking for filters that can either be stored easily for an emergency or carried with you everywhere, size matters.

That’s another thing the ProPur counter-top filter manages flawlessly. It doesn’t take too much room, and it’s perfect for camping, road trips or even taking it to the office.

Great Tank Capacity

Size and capacity should be balanced in any good counter-top filtering system. If the filter is too big you can’t move it around freely, but if it’s too small, you won’t have enough water. Finding an equilibrium that works for you it’s important before making your choice.

We liked the ProPur filter because it was large enough to accommodate a small family’s needs. Up to four people can clinch their thirst without adding a lot of extra baggage to any vacation. It has the right size and the perfect capacity to be useful in most circumstances.

Variable Water Source

As we mentioned, most filtration systems need to be permanently attached to a water supply to function. However, there are water filters able to work with any desired source of water. You just pour the water into the container, and gravity forces the water to go through the filters.

Getting such kind of filter, like ProPur’s counter-top one, ensures that you have a clean water supply wherever you go. Whether it’s traveling with the whole family or in your own home, you’re safe from toxic elements in your water. Filter rainwater, pond water, and lake water in a matter of minutes and stay healthy and well-hydrated.

Stainless Steel Container

When you’re dealing with water, corrosion is a major risk to consider. Filtering your water is supposed to remove undesired materials, not adding further contaminators to it. Besides, rust reduces the life of your filter dramatically. The best way to know for sure that this won’t become a problem for you is by buying stainless steel filters.

On top of that, stainless steel doesn’t add up unpleasant flavors to your water. It’s an effective way to make sure that you get cleaner and tastier water from your filter. It can be a bit pricier, but it’s worth it.

Pro Pur Water filter Review

Getting our hands on the Propur Countertop filter was a simple task. We ordered it online and it came shortly and in perfect condition. Delivery was smooth, and the package arrived sooner than we anticipated. However, buyers have reported longer delivery times when they buy from more remote locations.

Once we got our filter, it was finally time to put it to the test. We couldn’t write a proper Pro Pur water filter review relying solely on written facts and promises.

Some results were necessary to validate its claims of being the most effective filtering method available. After thoroughly testing every feature advertised by the manufacturer, now we’re sharing our experience with ProPur’s Countertop filter.

Unboxing Propur Filter

We expected the delivery to take longer because of the large package containing the brand-new filter. When the big box came earlier than expected, we were pleasantly surprised.

However, we were more excited about finally having the filter in our hands. The first thing we noticed was an elegant design. It has a bit of a classic feel to it, and would certainly match any decor you have.

After removing everything from the box, we did an inventory for you. In total, it comes with a set of instructions, two ProOne 7-inch filters, a spigot, and a few other things.

Namely, a convenient tool to tighten the spigot and a non-slip pad. It’s everything you need to set up the filter and a great deal at that price.

Setting up The Filter

After putting everything together, we can attest to this filter’s practicality. It was easy to set up, requiring only a couple of minutes to be ready to work.

We didn’t need to read the instructions, although we gladly did so to make sure that everything was properly placed. To get an objective Pro Pur water filter review, all the pieces needed to be in the right place.

Once everything was settled, the whole thing required as much room as we expected. It looks great in our kitchen and seems like the kind of thing you would take on a camping adventure.

The filter was heavier than we expected, but still lightweight enough to be easily transported if needed. However, you should be careful with the ceramic filters, because those are more likely to break.

Removing Residue From Water

With everything in working order, the real test began. We gathered water from several sources, including pond water, lake water, and tap water, and evaluation started. From a simple view, all the glasses had some amount of cloudiness. Both pond and lake water also had noticeable traces of sediment floating in them.

Using the ProPur Countertop filter, we successfully removed every noticeable impurity in the water. It took some time, but eventually, the water was clean and free of harmful elements.

We measured the results using a home kit intended for such a purpose. After pouring it into the container, all you have to do is wait patiently and then enjoy the results. It’s simple, effective, and practical, but most importantly, it does keep you healthier.

Tasting Propur’s Water

Many people judge water’s quality depending on their taste. It’s a good thing because your mouth can tell when water is dirty and finds it repulsive. When you can enjoy a glass of freshwater, it means that you’re getting a cleaner substance. With that in mind, no Pro Pur water filter review would be complete without a few comments about its taste.

As advertised, the ProPur water filter does give you tastier water. You know it’s good when it doesn’t taste like metallic elements like lead or other unpleasant flavors.

This water neither had an acidic quality nor could detect any hints of other imperfections. It was just pure plain water, as it’s supposed to be. However, Propur claims that beneficial minerals are left behind by its filters, although we couldn’t taste them either.

Our Overall Experience

We loved this water filter from the start. It’s a great solution for you, and it’s fairly priced as well. Getting to try it firsthand turned out to be a joyful experience in general terms. From the easy setup to the astounding results, we were pleased to see this item working as advertised. It proved to be the best water filter we’ve tested so far.

We would recommend this filter for everyone. Not only it’s great for everyday use, but it can be a valuable addition to your emergency kit. The versatility of this item showed its true potential when you’re in dire circumstances. Don’t let water become scarce for you, and be prepared to face any new adventures with this amazing item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gravity water filter system?

Due to its superior performance and practicality, the best gravity water filter system is the one in ProPur’s Countertop filter. It proved to be the best way to keep a trusted supply of water at your convenience. Removing undesired traces of harmful substances from your water is easy with this filter.

The beautiful design and enhanced mobility make this filter an ideal choice for your house, office, or adventures. It’s the best way to keep a clean supply of drinkable water close to you when it matters the most.

Does Propur remove lead?

Propur water filters effectively remove the risk of having lead in your water supply. It filters at least 99.9% of the lead and many other dangerous materials like mercury, arsenic, and chromium. Water filters from Propur are the best way to get rid of lead in your water.

This accomplishment is made possible due to its double filtering mechanism. It allows the filter to significantly increase the quality of your water. The ceramic and active carbon duo don’t let any dangerous particles through.

How long does the Propur filter last?

Although the stainless-steel container in the ProPur can last a lifetime, the filters need periodic replacement. The ProOne filters have an extended lifetime, but they should be replaced around every 9 months. However, if the filter isn’t working properly, it should be replaced immediately.

You will notice that a filter needs replacement when the water flow diminishes. Either that or when you see some residual contaminants in your water. Both are clear signs of a deteriorated filter that needs to be changed right away.

What About ProOne Filter?

Its ProPur ProOne 7-Inch filtering system effectively removes 99.9+% of the harmful substances in water. Besides the fairly low price, it performs better than most other filtration methods.

Besides, the Propur Countertop water filter is capable of removing residue from any source of water. You can get clean drinkable water from the lake, pond, tap, or any other questionable sources.

Conclusion of our Pro Pur Water Filter Review

Despite the huge number of alternatives out there, we recommend the ProPur water filter. Its superior quality makes it a reliable choice. When it matters the most, you can count on ProPur to provide your supply of clean drinking water. If you’re not convinced, think about the huge benefit of having a trusted source of vital liquid wherever you go.

Other alternatives don’t give you the same assurance. When you’re buying in case of an emergency, it’s wiser to assess every possibility. Don’t let the lack of water become a nuisance and be prepared. Buy a filter that can suit your needs in the case of any eventuality.

Remember to always choose the best quality when you’re shopping for something reliable. You can either do that or regret it later when a time of need comes. Getting the ProPur water filter, you can rest assured about the quality of your unlimited water supply.

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