Moen GXP50C Review [Buying Guides]

moen gxp50c review

Gone are the days of trouble when food and trash led to clogged sinks. An amazing tool called the compact garbage disposal unit was invented and life became much more convenient and easier.

With garbage disposals, daily food scraps no longer give the drain pipes a hard time. One of the most popular garbage disposal units is the Moen GXP50C from the GX Pro series.

It is a reliable garbage disposal that handles everyday food scraps to keep the sink clean all the time. In this Moen GXP50C review, we will discuss its features, performance, installation, troubleshooting, and other aspects to help you use it effectively.

moen gxp50c review

Moen GXP50C Review – UPDATED 2020

The Moen GXP50C is a continuous feed garbage disposal unit that offers powerful performance with numerous amazing features making it an ideal choice for small households. Moen is a reputed brand in the world of showerheads, faucets, disposals, and plumbing accessories. This unit comes with a drain guard, drain stopper, sink flange, mounting assembly, and other essentials. It has a permanent Vortex ½ horsepower motor and a maximum grinding speed of 2600 RPM.


It facilitates fine grinding to ensure that you don’t experience any jams. The motor capacity ensures minimum clogging and jams. The high-quality unit is durable, affordable, energy-efficient, and delivers superior performance.

It comes with a 3-year limited warranty. It features a wall switch, stainless steel sink drain, grind chamber made of corrosion-resistant polymer, and galvanized steel grinding components.

Compact Design

The garbage disposal unit features a compact and lightweight design and it can easily fit under the kitchen sink to use up free space. Its dimensions are 5.4 x 5.4 x 13.4 inches and it weighs just 8 pounds. It also features a quick-mounting facility that makes installation easy. The pre-installed power cord saves you time and money. The lightweight design makes it safe for all regular-sized septic tanks.

High-Power Grinder

As the Moen GXP50C operates on continuous feed, grinding starts when it is powered on. The motor starts the process of grinding at the highest speed so there is no chance of food scraps blocking it. Moreover, the grinder has a galvanized steel body that offers optimum performance and durability.


Though it is powerful, the noise it produces is blocked by its structure. It might not function silently but does not cause disturbance when you are busy with other tasks. It also comes with a special SoundShield to keep the unit noise-free. The Moen GXP50C is also listed in our Best 5 Quietest Garbage Disposals, do check it out.

 Moen GXP50C Reset

  • Easy to install
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Affordable and value for money
  • Great design
  • 3-year warranty
  • Less jams and clogging
  • Parts are somewhat poor quality
  • Might not match with other appliances and fixtures

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Moen GXP50C Jammed? Here’s What You Need To Do

Though the Moen GXP50C guarantees minimal jamming, it is common for garbage disposal units to get jammed after a few years of use. However, repairing your jammed unit is quite simple. You can follow these steps to get it working again.


Check the reset button located at the bottom of the unit. This button is likely to turn down the motor when it gets overheated. When the disposal is clogged, the unit uses more power and gets overheated. So, if you see the button popping up, you can identify the problem.


See that you disconnect the unit from the power source. It is not advisable to work with it when it is powered.


Reach the hole under the disposal cylinder with the help of the Allen wrench it comes with. Turn it in both directions a few times to clear the jam. If the reset button was popped up, push it.


If the jam is not yet cleared, you can try from the top with the help of a broomstick. You can also try pouring hot water into the unit to clean any fat, oil, or grease deposits. Don’t use harsh chemicals for unjamming as it can harm the interior.

Moen GXP50C Installation Guide

Being lightweight and compact, the Moen GXP50C is easy to install and reset. The process is as simple as following a few basic steps. You need only a few tools like a wrench, hammer, screwdriver, and steel punch to complete the installation process.


Firstly, check and make sure the assembly is compatible with the new unit. Then, start by taking off the mounting assembly of the unit. When you rotate the lower ring, you will be able to move the sink flange assembly. With the help of the screwdriver, loosen the screws on the upper ring and remove the snap ring.


Next, you can start working below the sink and assemble the mounting assembly by putting all the parts back. Secure the snap ring in the proper place to make sure the components stay well in place. Then, secure all the screws.


The next step is to install the discharge elbow by sliding the rubber gasket to the end. You can easily attach the elbow into the unit in the holes using screws.

Now is the time to connect the disposal unit. Once you raise it into the mounting ring, you can align the lower rings and turn them to get them tight. Check that the elbow is secured in place and connectors are tightened.


The garbage disposal unit is not installed and is ready to work. Check by running water before turning the power on. You can do it yourself by following these steps.


Also. here is a short clip to assist you throughout the installation process.

Moen EX50C Vs GXP50C – How They Compare?

Both Moen EX50C and GXP50C are parts of the Prep Series designed for those who want a little help with cleaning in the kitchen. They are both ½ horsepower garbage disposal units with a high-speed 2600 RPM Vortex permanent magnet motor built to minimize jamming. They feature continuous feed technology with stainless steel components for optimum performance.


While both these models are designed to function quietly, the EX50C features SoundShield to provide sound deadening insulation. On the other hand, the Moen GXP50C is somewhat lighter in weight as compared to the EX50C. Both the units are compatible with properly-sized septic tanks.



All in all Moen GXP50C Garbage disposal is one of the best garbage disposals in the market. I hope you enjoy reading our Moen GXP50C review and be sure to read the rest of our article as well. Till next time!