Best Water Filter For Lead [Top Filters Reviewed]

Bet Water filter for lead removal

Finding the best water filter for lead may be challenging, but it is possible. There are few good options out there, yet it is important to know what to look for. A little knowledge will help you in choosing the best water filter for lead removal.

  • Lead can cause unwanted side effects in our daily drinking water, but surprisingly, the side effects are often overlooked. Most people are worried about filters and chemicals, but none really pays attention to lead and its side effects.
  • High levels of lead may cause the activation of contamination. Such problems are more likely to affect people with weak immune systems such as children, elders, or people with various medical conditions. Some of the main side effects are neurological damage and organ failure.
  • Ignoring lead may cause more health-related issues in the long run. If the contamination is high and continuous, it may even lead to a coma and even death. However, most people are less likely to get exposed to a high level of contamination.

Moderate or Low levels of contamination are just as harmful. The lead can inhibit growth in children with learning difficulties and hearing loss. The good news is most of these problems can actually be prevented.

Bet Water filter for lead removal

Quick Review of Best Water Filters – In Our List

Our Picks For The Best Water Filter For Lead Removal

Some products come with specific technologies that improve the efficiency of removing lead. They are reputable manufacturers that have been in the market for decades.

While there are more features to pay attention to when looking for the best water filter for lead removal, it is worth considering a top-rated product as well. If it works for many people, chances are it will work for you as well. So, what are the top-rated options in the market?

Waterdrop has created the best water filter for lead removal if you are after good value for money. There is one filter in the package, as well as all the hardware associated with the installation. It fits most standard faucets, so there is not much to worry about regarding the installation.

The filter has such good value for money because it will last for a long period of time. Of course, it depends on how you use it. Filter installed in your bathroom may have a shorter lifespan than the exact same filter installed in your kitchen.

The filter can take approximately 320 gallons of water. Based on the regular usage in a household, it will usually take around three months before it will require replacement. This is about twice as much as a classic filter.

Nothing to worry about when the filter stops working. A replacement filter can be purchase online or from various hardware stores. Please ensure that it is from the same manufacturer so as to avoid counterfeit products.

The filter is NSF certified. It is tested and certified against chlorine, odor, and taste but it also carries the NSF/ANSI 372 standard against lead. It is simply one of the top options on the market for safer and healthier water

The unit comes with a relatively new filtration technology against contaminants like lead. You can filter around two liters (about 70 ounces) of water within a minute.

The filter is easy to use and install. It comes with a basic on and off switch. You can switch between filtered water for consumption and regular tap water for non-consumption use.

The system operates between 41 and 122 degrees F (5 to 50 degrees C) and will not work with a sensor, spray style, handheld or pull-out faucets. Double-check your faucet upfront.

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  • Excellent value for money

  • Easy to switch between filtered and regular tap water

  • Works with most types of faucets

  • Easy to install without any professional help

  • Efficiency drops as the water pressure increases, so keep the flow within moderate limits

PureSpa does not fool around when it comes to quality. This water filter for lead removal will start working from the first moment you install it. It will clean your water and it will provide a healthier alternative with no issues at all.

When it comes to lead contamination, most people focus on their kitchen faucets and the water they consume. Indeed, this is a priority. But then, lead contamination can also be external as well therefore you will need a PureSpa shower filter.

PureSpa 15 stage shower filter may reduce the chances of experiencing dry hair, eczema, dandruff, itchy skin, and brittle nails. Many of these problems are caused by contaminated water.

This filter is suitable for lead, chlorine, calcium sulfite, and redox media, not to mention sediments. Apart from clearing microparticles, it has pleasant odors. It balances the PH levels.

The installation is easy that you can install it yourself with no professional help. You do not need any tools at all. Firstly remove your previous filter (if you have one) and snap this one in. It is also compatible with all types of showers – even handheld, rain, and fixed showers.

Most people are worried that water filters will reduce the water pressure. Indeed, they do, especially if your water pressure is incredibly high. However, the difference is insignificant. Moreover, the pressure is consistent.

Apart from clearing chemicals, this filter also softens the water a little. Most people have hard water, which will lead to scale buildup problems. Since the filter softens it, you will experience fewer problems and bathtub residue.

It is important to mention that the package has everything you will need for an easy installation. You have a filter, as well as a couple of replacement filters and small hardware parts. Since there are no tools needed, you will be able to install the filter within minutes.

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  • Comes in a full package, including a few replacement filters

  • Does not just filter the water, but it also helps with skin and hair rejuvenation

  • Spa quality at an affordable residential price

  • Easy to install with no tools at all

  • Hard to find replacement filters, meaning you will normally buy a full package again, but each filter will last anywhere between six and eight months – great value for money

Frizzlife’s best water filter for lead is specifically designed to work against lead. It is rated to remove 99.99% of all the lead in your water, but it will also work on a series of other chemicals and small particles that you may not even see.

The system is designed to be simple and efficient. You can simply connect it under your sink. The installation is quite simple, as the unit works on both 1/2” and 3/8” water lines.

You have everything you need in the package, including a converter. It will take less than five minutes. There is no plumbing experience required. Once you receive this item, you will also receive an installation video to assist you with the installation procedure.

The installation does not require shutting off the water supply. For instance, you will need to replace the cartridge at some point. There is no need to turn everything off. Besides, you do not need any tools, while the shut-off valve is built-in.

The filter system works in two stages for higher efficiency. While lead is the main contaminant it works on, it will also eliminate other heavy metals, mercury, chlorine, rust, carcinogen elements, bad tastes, turbidity, and volatile compounds, among many others.

The water taste is exquisite – it feels like spring freshwater. The filter has been tested for higher water flow – more than 2GPM at 40PSIG. In other words, it is an improvement from those classic filters that reduce the flow. You can wash fruits, dishes and cook with no issues at all.

The package is full, meaning you do not have to make any separate purchases. You have a core filter cartridge fitted inside the housing. When it comes to replacement, you will only need to work on the core part of the cartridge.

Each cartridge can be used for 1,600 gallons of water or two years – whichever occurs first. However, the manufacturer recommends a replacement after six to eight months. Obviously, it depends on water usage in your household.

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  • Compatible with all cold water lines

  • Automatic shutdown function

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Money-saving and environmental protection

  • Plastic tubing may not be the most durable part of the world

AquaBliss will work as soon as installed. In a world where everyone tries to eliminate lead from their drinking water, people fail to realize that shower water can be just as harmful. This shower faucet filter is also listed in our Top 3 faucet water filter reviews post.

This filter is designed to fit your shower, so it will work on the other effects of lead, such as dandruff, flakes, dry hair, eczema, itchy skin, and other similar conditions.

The filter is multifunction, meaning it will work against more than just lead. It will reduce the levels of calcium sulfite, ceramic balls, redox media, and sediments. It will also kill all odors and unusual tastes, not to mention balancing PH levels.

There is one thing that makes this filter from AquaBliss so special. It does not just clear the water, but it also features a multi-stage health filter that will infuse the water with nutritive substances. Practically, it rejuvenates your skin, hair, and nails too.

AquaBliss is well known for its excellent product which is value for money in this industry. When looking for the best water filter for lead, it is better to check out further expenses too, such as the price of replacement cartridges. Based on the lifespan of these filters and the average price, your clean water will cost you less than a cent per day.

How about the installation? If you were good with legos as a kid, you would be good with this filter too. If you already have a filter, take it out. This one simply snaps in. It requires no plumbing or experience, so you can get the job done within minutes.

Furthermore, there are no tools required. You probably ask yourself how will this filter match my shower? Luckily, AquaBliss has already thought about it. The filter is compatible with most showers out there, whether it comes to handheld, fixed, or rain showers.

The filter comes in two varieties – SF100 and SF220. The SF100 model is suitable for average uses, such as couples or single individuals. An SF220 model is a heavy-duty unit suitable for families. Both of them will also soften water, apart from removing chemicals and particles.

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  • Simple and fast to install

  • Also rejuvenates your skin, hair, and nails

  • Excellent for more contaminants and not just lead

  • Excellent value for money

  • There are no replacement filters included in the package

Filtrete’s best water filter for lead is inexpensive and does not come with any fancy bells and whistles. Instead, it focuses on things that really matter – clearing the lead, as well as other particles and contaminants.

The filter is extremely efficient and can remove 99% of the lead in your water. It will also reduce the chlorine taste and odor by 95%, plus 99% of all microbial cysts. The filter is extremely exigent and will remove 0.5 microns of rust, sediments, soil, and sand.

While every manufacturer comes up with high percentages and numbers to convince customers, Filtrete’s product has actually been tested by NSF International against a few standards – 43 and 53. Its efficiency is actually proven.

While many filters will inevitably reduce the water flow a little in order to handle the contaminants, this one ensures you will not experience any issues at all. The water flow will stay at 1.5 gallons per minute, whether you install it in your bathroom or kitchen. Unless you have incredibly high pressure, you will not notice the difference.

A filter will last for about six months or 1,500 gallons – whichever comes first. The average household with a family will not really exceed 1,500 gallons, so you will probably have to change it twice a year. The replacement will not take too long – a few minutes. You do not need any tools for the installation – no plumbing experience is required either.

The system is compatible with most lines. You can also find replacement filters over the Internet – still good value for money. Keep in mind that this filter is supposed to be used on the cold water supply only. Your water should be safe to drink – potable. The filter is efficient, but it cannot turn random dirty water into drinking water.

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  • Easy and quick to install – no plumbing experience required

  • Can maintain the water flow at great limits

  • Tested by NSF International for its cleaning capabilities

  • Compatible with most residential and commercial systems

  • The water flow is likely to reduce overtime, as the filter fills up with particles and contaminants

Buying Guide For Water Filters For Lead Removal

If you think about it, getting some bottled water is the simplest and fastest way to get proper drinking water. But if you do the math, this venture will be quite expensive in the long run, not to mention the harsh environmental effect of plastic.

This is when you realize how important it is to find the best water filter for the lead out there. The good news is that most water system manufacturers and bottled water producers are regulated by the same standards. In other words, investing in a quality water filter will give you the same high quality.

Water filters represent the optimal choice of overtime. But the market is quite overwhelming. There are plenty of brands out there and each of them has a series of products. They vary widely in price, but also in quality standards and sophistication.

It is worth noting that the efficiency of a water filter depends on the technology used to make it. You need to know how a particular product will remove lead from your water, but also what kind of testing is done. So, what should you look for?

Types of Water Filters For Lead

If you only have problems with rust, dirt, and other visible particles, you can do with a basic screening filter. It will cost you as much as a takeaway coffee and may come in various materials. However, lead is more sophisticated.

Carbon water filters are efficient at dealing with bad tastes and smells. They will remove chlorine, herbicides, chemicals, pesticides and so on. Keep in mind that not all carbon filters can remove the lead content. You have to look for precoating or solid block filters.

When checking out a carbon filter, make sure you go through its certifications too. Some manufacturers claim their carbon filters can eliminate lead, but they are not too efficient. The efficiency of a filter is given by the quantity of activated carbon in its composition.

Reverse osmosis water filters are more efficient than. They will eliminate minerals, asbestos, chemicals, salts, nitrates, and metals – in other words, they will also eliminate lead. Many of these filters also come with carbon pre and post-filters to catch even more particles.

If you get a reverse osmosis filter, make sure you replace the filter cartridges on a yearly basis. Some units go straight to plumbing and will be installed under the sink. Some of them eliminate the waste automatically, while others cannot do it.

Water distillers represent the cheaper option – they are actual appliances that will eliminate lots of minerals, fibers, metals, and salts. Their operating principle is easy – water is steamed, then everything that fails to become steam will be trapped behind.

It is worth mentioning UV water purifiers too, which can kill viruses and bacteria. They are not so efficient against lead though. If their producers claim they can clear lead, double-check the certifications.

Other Considerations

Apart from this main classification, you will have to shop around. Consider the price, quality standards, and certifications, as well as the efficiency against lead and other particles. The general idea is to find great value for money.

Apart from features, double look at the long-term expenses too. Can you find replacement filters? Are they expensive? How often do you need to change them? How about the installation? More and more manufacturers design filters that can be installed with no plumbing experience. They are usually snapped in and can be fitted within minutes.

The filter should be compatible with your plumbing system too. Is there a warranty? Double-check it too. Never overlook the certifications either – they are actually more important than the manufacturer’s specifications.

FAQs Regarding Water Filters For Lead Removal

Are Water Treatment Plants Supposed to Filter Anything at All?

Water treatment plants are supposed to filter harmful chemicals and dangers from your water, but they are not always efficient at doing it. This is the reason wherefore so many households have contaminated water. They will not necessarily kill you, but they can cause harsh effects and may, indeed, lead to death in heavy amounts.

This is the main reason, wherefore so many people invest in water filters. There are more types of water filters and each of them is efficient against particular contaminants, so you will have to do your homework and test your water before getting a filter.

What are The Symptoms of Lead Contamination?

Symptoms are hard to deal with because they are not always noticeable. Even healthy individuals may have high levels of lead in their blood without knowing it. Symptoms are mild and usually overlooked. They cannot be observed until the amounts of lead become dangerous and cause harsh effects.

Newborns will experience symptoms like lower birth weight and a slow growth, especially when exposed to lead before even being born. Children will also experience developmental delays and learning issues. They will lose their appetite, experience weight loss, and tiredness, vomiting, abdominal pain, and constipation. Some harsh effects include hearing loss and seizures.

The younger the patient, the more dangerous these effects are. However, adults will also face problems like high blood pressure, muscular pain, concentration issues, mood disorders, miscarriage, and reduced sperm count.

What is The Difference Between a Whole House Filter and an Under Sink Filter?

The difference between these two categories is usually easy to notice. Apart from the manufacturer’s specifications, you will also see differences in the build. An under-sink filter will easily fit most slimline housings. On the other hand, a whole house filter will fit wider pipes.

In other words, the diameter under sink filters is smaller than in whole house filters.

What is The Difference Between Reverse Osmosis Filters and Under Sink Filters?

Reverse osmosis filters come with some extra capabilities. They can also eliminate nitrates and dissolved solids, like salt. It is all about efficiency. In terms of lead, their effects are based on the technologies used.

What are The Advantages of Filtered Water?

If you are after clearing the lead contamination, you will prevent a series of unwanted effects. Apart from the taste and cleanliness, water filters will also work on eliminating contaminants and purifying water.

Drinking clean water is the main benefit – you will get rid of various contaminants, from lead and chlorine to pesticides, rust, and dirt.

Second, you will save money in the long run. While a water filter costs more than bottled water, it will pay for itself in no time. If you do the math, you will spend more money on bottled water in one month than on a filter.

Last, but not least, it is no longer a surprise that the planet is sinking in plastic. Reducing the amounts of bottled water will reduce the carbon footprint, as you work directly against plastic waste.

Is Boiling Water as Clean as Filtered Water?

Boiling water and waiting for it to cool down before drinking it can be an annoying task. Boiling it will clear most bacteria, which is definitely a plus. But on the same note, other contaminants will not be eliminated.

Boiling water will not remove lead, rust, chlorine, dirt, or other contaminants, so you will still have to filter it.

Verdict For The Best Water Filter For Lead Removal

The bottom line, choosing the best water filter for lead can be a little daunting. There are lots of options out there and you will find plenty of differences – even between products coming from the same manufacturer.

Ideally, you should opt for more than just lead removal. Sure, lead can be deadly, but the more contaminants you clear out, the more efficient your filter is. The price will be directly proportional to the number of contaminants your filter can remove, but it is all about your health.

Now Introducing The Best Faucet Water Filter For Lead

Water filters come in more shapes, sizes, and designs, not to mention their functionality principles. Some of them can filter water in your entire household, while others go under the sink and clear whatever goes through the associated faucets.

However, you can also find faucet water filters. Their purpose is self-explanatory. They go on your faucet and they provide more convenient installation and a quicker filtration operation. Now, what is the best faucet water filter for lead, and what makes it so special?

Comparison of Best Faucet Water Filter

Our Picks for The Best Faucet Water Filter Against Lead

Ideally, you should go for a good brand and an impeccable reputation. The higher-rated a faucet water filter is, the more efficient it becomes. It makes sense – it has so many positive reviews, so it works for thousands of people. It is very likely to work for your household too then.

Britta is a top player in this market. Its water filters are some of the most efficient ones on the market, but then again, you need to ensure you get a filter for your specific needs and water contaminants. Its tap water filter is excellent for lead and other contaminants.

The filter is BPA-free. It will take out about 60 different contaminants. When it comes to lead, you will lose 99% of it. Other than that, the filter clears chlorine – both the odor and taste, not to mention asbestos contaminants.

The installation is fairly simple and does not require any plumbing experience. You will not require any tools either. The filter clicks in and out, so replacement is just as easy. You will get everything you need for the installation in the package.

To ensure you do not forget about filter replacement, Britta has installed a status indicator on this filter. Basically, you know when the filter actually works, but you will also see when it is about to lose its efficiency due to too many contaminants gathered – this is when you require a replacement.

You can get this filter in more varieties. The basic package includes two filters. You can also get the one with three filters. It is also available in two colors. While chrome is the better selling choice, you can also get it in white – just make sure it looks good in your kitchen décor.

As for numbers and efficiency, a simple faucet filter from Britta will give you around 100 gallons of clean tap water. To help you understand the cost efficiency, this is the equivalent of 750 classic 16-ounce plastic water bottles, so it is definitely worth the price.

The status indicator on the filter is your best friend when not sure when to replace the filter. On average, you will need a new filter every four to seven months, depending on more factors – such as the size of your family.

If you are worried about compatibility issues, you should know that this tap water filter works well with all Britta systems. It will also suit other systems, but it is highly recommended to inquire about compatibility upfront – only to avoid disappointment. Generally speaking, it works with most faucets, apart from pull-out or spray faucets.

The filter measures 4.8×2.4×4.3 inches. It is not that big and it will not look bulky. Just make sure it fits your kitchen and it will look great. It weighs just over six ounces.

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  • Compatible with most faucet styles on the market

  • Can reduce up to 60 different contaminants, including lead

  • Easy to install and replace filters when the time comes

  • Features a status indicator, so you will know precisely when it needs replacement

  • Avoid drinking water right after the installation, but let it run for a bit

You simply cannot go wrong with PUR’s best faucet water filter for lead. The brand is known for its excellent value for money – filters usually cost less than others in the same segment. Durability is just as important and this unit will not disappoint you.

The filter can be purchased in a few different packages. Most commonly, people buy the simple package – a filter with everything it requires for the installation. You can also purchase a larger package with replacement filters.

The unit is only available in a simplistic dark gray color, which will suit most kitchens without looking bulky.

The filter simply attaches to your sink faucet. You do not require any tools, while everything you need is in there. Just stick it in and let it click. Replacing the filter is just as simple. Overall, the whole installation should take a couple of minutes only.

PUR has brought in an LED indicator that shows you the filter status. The feature is relatively new in this field – there are a few other manufacturers doing it, but it is not a standard. This indicator shows you when the filter works, but more importantly, it tells you when it needs replacement.

Based on testing, this faucet water filter will reduce more than 70 different contaminants. For example, it will clear out 99% of the lead in your tap water. It will also clear chlorine – both the odor and taste, small particles, dirt, and so on.

A brand new filter will give you 100 gallons of clean drinking water. It will normally work for around three months – more if you are a single individual. Simply pay attention to the LED indicator – most people get a replacement within four months though.

If you wonder how the filter works, it is based on activated carbon and ion exchange. This is the combo that draws contaminants out of your water. While it may require frequent replacement, it is a cost-efficient option that can save over $1,000 a year on bottled water.

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  • Features an LED indicator, so you know precisely when to get ready for a replacement

  • Can filter more than 70 different contaminants

  • Excellent value for money

  • Good looking and suitable for any kitchen décor

  • The water flow will be reduced a little, especially if you already have low water flow

Engdenton has probably designed the best faucet water filter for lead if you are after a sturdy build that will last for ages. Not only is the filter durable and well built, but it also works for a long time, so a replacement will not be too frequent.

The quality materials used in this filter are meant to look good too. You get food-grade 304 stainless steel on the outside, which will perfectly match most kitchens.

Your faucet will look like it has just arrived from the future. Leaks and cracks are less likely to bother you.

But water filters are not just about looks. Instead, you want efficiency. This unit comes with the most recent ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber) filtration technology. It is the most advanced filter on the market at the moment. Not only does it clean, but it will inhibit the growth of bacteria around your faucet too.

You will be able to get rid of most of the lead from your tap water. You will also lose chlorine tastes and odors, dirt, rust, organic elements, sand, and various chemicals. It will clear dozens of contaminants – one of the most efficient units out there.

While many water filters will reduce the flow to a certain degree, this one makes no difference. It is perfectly normal though – the operation is not instant. You will lose your aggressive flow now, but you can still get a decent amount of 0.5GPM. To help you understand that, imagine eight average cups of water every minute.

Worried about compatibility issues from such a top-notch filter? Totally understandable, but this unit is suitable for any standard faucet. It means fancy faucets with pull-out heads or spray heads cannot take it. Make sure you double-check upfront for your peace of mind.

The installation takes minutes only. It is simple and it does not require any extra tools. As for the replacement recommendations, you would have to do it after six months or 320 gallons of water – whichever comes first. Such recommendations are based on having 27 cups of water a day. If you live by yourself, chances are your filter will last much longer.

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  • Designed to last and face the test of time – no cracking or leaking

  • Fast and simple installation with no extra tools required

  • Looks excellent and will match any type of kitchen

  • Can match any type of standard faucet – no fancy heads, sprays, pull-outs, and other similar styles

  • The water flow will be a bit reduced due to the filter doing its job

Buying Guide For Faucet Water Filters For Lead

While most faucet water filters will match standard faucets and can clear a decent amount of lead and other contaminants, you want the best water filter for the lead out there. At this point, you have to do a bit of homework and research features and capabilities, not to mention certifications. So, what are the most important things to look for?

Sizing Standards

Most faucet water filters will come in a similar size. However, some models are a bit smaller than the others. As a general rule of thumb, the size of this filter depends on the size of the cartridge. A large cartridge will inevitably bring in a large filter.

The size does not have too much to do with the actual efficiency of your filter. But then, it will still matter, as it determines how much space it needs. Make sure you can still handle dirty plates with that chunky piece around. If you have a small sink anyway, perhaps you should just opt for a smaller alternative.

Finishing Style

Generally speaking, faucet water filters work on the same operating principles. There are, indeed, a few different technologies out there and different levels of efficiency.

The look is just as important, as many filters may do the same job, but they look completely different. You will see all kinds of different finishes, so you should find it relatively simple to get something that will match your kitchen décor.

While there are no rules regarding the finish – just personal preferences, you might want to avoid the white plastic finish. It is classic and old-fashioned. It will never match anything in a modern kitchen, so it will look out of order. Ideally, the finish of your filter should match the finish of your faucet.


This is one of the most significant features of faucet water filters. You want a unit that can be installed with just a few
clicks – no special tools or tools at all. You do not want to spend money on a professional plumber either.

The good news is that most faucet water filters are quite easy to install. You will not really need any tools. Some of them may require an adjustable wrench – mostly for the aerator if you cannot do it yourself. If your filter requires tools for the installation, they should be included in the package.

Easy installation is not useful in the beginning only, but later on too, as you will need to change the cartridge.


The style is not really about looks, but about fittings and compatibility. Most faucet water filters will come in two styles. One of them rotates around its own axis.

This is handy because you can rotate it out of the way when the sink is full of dishes. The second one involves swiveling on a vertical axis, which also provides extra access to your sink when not in need.

Choosing the right style is a matter of personal preference.


Some faucet water filters are cheap. Some others are decently priced, while others are more expensive. Remember, you get what you pay for. A good filter will most likely save you money in the long run.

Do not consider the initial price only, but the long-term expenses as well. Check out replacement cartridges upfront.

These are the most important considerations in the process, yet you can also pay attention to small features.

FAQs Regarding Faucet Water Filters For Lead

What should I do with a used filter?

While it does not apply to all filters, many of them are recyclable. They can be recycled with your bin or you can simply return them to manufacturers. Different manufacturers have different rules though.

Do faucet water filters remove scale?

Generally speaking, faucet water filters will not be able to remove magnesium and calcium from the water, yet technologies vary from one brand to another.

How often should I change the filter?

It depends on the filter you use. Some products have filter change indicators, while others come with recommendations from the manufacturer.

Verdict for Faucet Water Filters for Lead

In the end, deciding on the best water filter for lead is often a matter of personal preference. Again, it is highly recommended to go for a top-rated product, as it is proven to work well and provide high-quality standards.