Pfister Faucets Reviews [Top 5 and Detailed Buying Guide]

pfister faucets review

You would go with a brandless or a random product when in need of a cheap faucet. But when you want value for money, quality, and durability, Pfister will inevitably kick into play.

It is one of the oldest faucet brands in the world, as well as one of the best-rated ones. The company has always been a premier manufacturer of high-end fixtures.

This is not just about high-quality standards, but also about a sleek appearance and immaculate finished. As you search around, you will find plenty of Pfister faucets reviews, but which is the best one out there?

pfister faucets review

Benefits of using Pfister faucets

People all over the world, especially in the USA, are fascinated by Pfister. It is no surprise why there are so many Pfister faucets reviews.

It is a known brand with a good reputation, as well as lots of unique styles and patterns. Pfister’s faucets are certainly inspiring and can match any style or décor.


The company is mostly appreciated for its plethora of styles and variations. No matter how funky, elegant or futuristic your kitchen design is, chances are you will find something to match it.

Along with modernist options, you will also find a bunch of vintage faucets that replicate old-fashioned models more common in the company’s portfolio in the 1930s. Basically, you have lots of options for your preferences.


Other than that, you have high-quality standards you know you can leave yourself in Pfister’s hands. Variety is not to be overlooked either, not to mention innovation. For example, you can find faucets with built-in soap dispensers. You can find pull-down heads, decorative deck plates, full swiveling options, and the list can go on forever.


Pfister is so confident in its products that most of them feature a lifetime warranty so you will not have to keep changing the faucet every couple of years.

Seals are superior to what you can find on the market. Plus, most products are approved by agencies in terms of requirements, standards, and quality.


As if the designs would not be qualitative and diversified enough to convince you, there are lots of positive Pfister faucets reviews regarding the hassle-free installation.

It is one of the main reasons wherefore the brand is so appreciated. Faucets can suit all kitchen styles, while the installation makes a good and easy DIY process. Is there anything else you can ask for?

Top 5 Pfister Faucets

Pfister LG529ESAB Stellen Touch-Free Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pfister Faucets Reviews

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Featuring the modern touch free technology and a lifetime warranty, this faucet allows you to turn the water on or off while still being three inches away from it. It will also shut itself off after three minutes of inactivity – in case it cannot detect any movements around. You can disable this feature though.

You have a visual indicator that tells you when the touch free mode is enabled. As for this feature, it is run with a plug in cord. A battery pack is also available, but not included in the package. It has to be purchased separately. Other than that, you have three functions – stream, spray and pause.


  • Three functions
  • Touch free technology
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • Full package
  • It takes a while to get used to the touch free sensitivity

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Pfister GT529-FLS Lita Xtract All-In-One Kitchen Faucet

Pfister Faucets Reviews

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Available in a bunch of different finishes, this classic long neck model has lots of positive Pfister faucets reviews. It has a pull-down spray head and features a modern GE 2X High Flow Filtration System. Push the handle backward and you will get cold filtered water. The filter can go for about six months.

The high arc spout adds some extra space to your sink. You can install the faucet with or without a deck plate. If you want the plate, you will have to buy it separately. The package comes with 36-inch nylon supply lines and 3/8 inch female fittings. The warranty covers the faucet for as long as you own the home.

  • High arc for extra clearance
  • Integrated filtration system
  • Excellent value for money
  • Available in a few beautiful finishes
  • Deck plate for a three hole installation has to be purchased separately

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Pfister LG534-LPMB Arkitek Kitchen Faucet

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Nothing looks better than a classic faucet with modernist simplicity and square accents. This unit is excellent for kitchens due to its high arc and lot of clearance, as well as the pull-down sprayer and the ceramic disc valve technology.

You can easily swap between stream and spray modes. The water flow is set at 1.8GPM – higher than average in this segment. Other than that, you can opt for one or three-hole installation, while the forward lever handle reduces backsplashes. The faucet has a lifetime warranty – with a few limitations.


  • Comes with a full package
  • Beautiful design – both modern and traditional
  • Reduced back splashes
  • Good 1.8GPM flow rate
  • Flexible supply lines not included in the package

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Pfister G136500S Series 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

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Coming in one stainless steel finish only and backed up by a lifetime warranty, this is one of the models with the highest number of Pfister faucets reviews quite popular. It features two handles, as well as a side sprayer. Overall, the flow rate goes up to 1.75GPM.

The package is quite complete and features everything you will need for the installation – decorative side spray and deck plate. Moreover, you have a four-hole to handle installation, spout swivels for flexibility, and a ceramic disc valve technology that is guaranteed to never leak.


  • Convenient spray installed separately
  • Comes with a full package
  • Good 1.75GPM flow rate
  • Easy to install without any experience
  • Can get stained quite easily

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Pfister GT26-4CBS Avalon Kitchen Faucet

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Coming with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the home, this faucet is both modern and traditional – it works with pretty much any décor. It features an advanced ceramic disc valve technology and comes with a 360 degree swiveling spout for extra flexibility.

The unit features four parts on the outside, so it will look a bit sophisticated at first. You have a handle to turn the water on or off. You have another handle to swap between hot and cold water. Then, there is the spout, as well as a separate sprayer.

  • Comes in a beautiful four piece design
  • Side sprayer for convenience
  • Easy installation
  • Soap dispenser
  • Not as convenient as other similar units due to being too sophisticated

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What To Look For In Pfister Faucets

Just like for everything else in life, there is a bit of consideration when looking for a faucet – even when it comes to a professional Pfister unit.

Plumbing system

The plumbing system is one of the top considerations – before even looking for Pfister faucets reviews. Modern faucets come 1.5 inches in diameter, so they can match two-inch pipes without too much hassle.

Small adjustments might be needed if you fail to consider this aspect, you might need a plumber for the installation. Other than that, you can also connect the faucet with a single-point installation.

Installation point

Most faucets today come with deck mounting – many Pfister faucets follow the exact same rules too. But then, what happens if cold and hot waters are not controlled on the same line? If the control is separate, you will need a few extra installation holes.

On the same principles, it is highly recommended to rely on adjustable extension hoses for pull down faucets. Installation points not useful with the plates should be covered.

Sink compatibility

Not all sinks can take a Pfister faucet or at least not every model. For instance, if you have a double bowl sink, you might have two different holes for the faucet. Make sure you double-check the current installation and buy a Pfister model that can match it.

Also it is recommended to get a faucet water filter for your home to remove water contaminants.

Model and style

A modern three-hole pull-out faucet is more functional than a simplistic model. The same rule applies to high arc faucets, which are known for their efficiency. According to lots of Pfister faucets reviews, the company has found a great mix between functionality and style. The bad news is there will be so many good options out there that you barely know what to choose.

Finish and style

The finish and style represent a matter of personal preferences – consider your kitchen style too. Choosing the right Pfister faucet can turn it into the central element of the room. It will also enhance the design of your house, not to mention its value.


As a DIY enthusiast, you will love installing a Pfister faucet by yourself. The installation can be a bit tricky if you have never done it before, but not impossible.

Luckily, Pfister faucets come with a detailed manual of instructions, so the installation should not be that bad. Besides, the brand has a series of video tutorials over the Internet, so you can get a clue about what you are doing.

Price range

You can buy a Pfister faucet for less than $200 if you search long enough. You can also buy a model for over $500. In other words, you need to consider your available budget before even looking for the right product. While Pfister faucets look more expensive than other faucets, you will get excellent value for money.

Pfister faucets reviews

A few reviews will lead you in the right direction. You want to research faucets just like you research everything else. While most of these faucets are extremely well rated, you still need to go through other people’s experiences before spending your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is perfectly normal to get stuck in the process, especially if you are not familiar with faucets. Here are some of the most common questions you might ask yourself.

What kind of maintenance does a Pfister faucet need?

Maintaining a beautiful finish is all about cleaning and caring for the new faucet on a regular basis. Use a soft cloth and warm water every now and then to get rid of spots and small buildups. The cleaned areas should be dried with a soft cloth.


If your water is hard and you can still see some buildup, a bit of white vinegar mixed with water (50/50 ratio) will get the job done. For more extreme situations, use a mild cleaner or a soap. Avoid solvents or harsh acids, as they will ruin the finishing.

What kind of warranty do I get with a Pfister faucet?

Pfister is known for providing many years of durability and functionality. Most products come with a lifetime warranty for the finishing and mechanical fixtures.

Obviously, there are some rules you have to follow. For example, using solvents or acids to clean the faucet will void the warranty, as they are likely to damage the finishing. The warranty may vary from one product to another. If it is that important to you, make sure you check upfront.

How do I know what kind of cartridge I have?

You might need to change the cartridge if you end up with a leak. You will have to identify the faucet first – look for the packaging or the manual for the serial number. It is usually an eight-digit code – it is not available on the actual faucet though.


If you no longer have the manual or the packaging, you can go online on Pfister’s website and find the product you have. Select the matching product, choose to see the tutorial on the installation and support, and look for the parts diagram – you will get the cartridge code there.


If the product features a lifetime warranty, you will get the replacement for free.


Bottom line, choosing the best Pfister faucet can be a bit challenging – not necessarily because of quality, but because of the wide variety of models that could match your décor. There is not much to worry about in terms of quality and durability, yet you should still check out a few Pfister faucets reviews before making a decision.