5 Top Rated Air Switch For Garbage Disposal

air switch for garbage disposal

You can buy air switches for garbage disposal from a range of different online stores, and you can find these parts in various stores in your area. However, you must ensure that you know which garbage disposal model before going to buy a replacement air switch.

There are several things that you need to learn about switches, and you need to purchase these parts and replace them properly.

air switch for garbage disposal

5 Top Rated Air Switch For Garbage Disposal Reviews

If you want to shop for an air switch but do not know which are the air switch to pick from. Read these reviews to find the right product that meets your requirements:

Overall Best – InSinkErator Top Switch

Air Switch For Garbage Disposal

This is one of the best air switches for garbage disposal, and the model switch can mount on the sink and does the job correctly. Moreover, this countertop switch can fit properly on top of the sink, giving you different ways to use garbage disposal properly.

After installing it, turn on the switch to release a shot of air onto the machine bits under the sink. This will switch on the disposal machine. After you tap on the switch again, it will turn off the disposal. This air switch goes well with InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Evolution Essential XTR which is listed on Best 5 Quietest Garbage Disposals.

  • It is easy to mount on the sink or tabletop

  • There are specially designed buttons to complement the décor.

  • The installation process is easy and can be done in several steps.

  • The switch easily mounts on top of the sink or sink cabinet to operate the garbage disposal unit

  • properly.

  • There is a one-year warranty.

  • It is pricey.

  • It only fits the same model of garbage disposal.

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Best Wireless – Garbage Disposal Switch Kit

Air Switch For Garbage Disposal

The switch is the best wireless switch in the market. This sink top switch has a unique radiofrequency system and produces a strong radio signal. This makes sure that the connection will not be broken.

The system lets the switch operate to up to 100 feet away without a wired connection in getting blocked doors without trouble with different links caused by other home gadgets.

  • The installation process is more comfortable compared to other different garbage disposal switches on the same range.

  • It is safe to use, and you can save a lot of power.

  • The switch is versatile and controls different electrical units in the house other than the garbage disposal machine.

  • There is an extra remote control feature that gives the user proper convenience.

  • The product is powered correctly, and you do not have to worry about batteries.

  • It has a strong signal that works even through walls without breaking messages with other electronics.

  • The button of the switch kit is big and feels like a cheap button when in use.

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Geyser Single Outlet Garbage Disposal Air Switch

These garbage disposal air switch reviews will not be complete without adding the Geyser disposal switch into the list. This air-activated garbage disposal switch has an excellent oil finish that matches your home décor well. If you find difficulty matching the switch unit with another home décor, then pick this one.

Moreover, you can mount it on top of sinks and countertops easily.

  • Mount on countertops and sinks with ease.

  • Beautiful on sinks after mounting them on.

  • This product works properly.

  • Easy to install and maneuver.

  • Within a budget price.

  • The product has a finishing that looks rather cheap.

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CLEESINK  Top Aluminum Air Switch

This Cleesink garbage disposal air switch is the best solution if you want to look for a unit switch that can blend into your kitchen wall as a beautiful-looking décor.

The switch does not give you any disappointment when it comes to the number of finishes when you pick from over ten choices. There is something that can strike your fancy.

  • It comes with many different finishes to pick from.

  • The stable construction of stainless steel with aluminum combined.

  • Simple installation.

  • Safe, and it doesn’t put the person’s safety at risk.

  • It can power up by itself and doesn’t need external power sources like batteries to function.

  • Works better as a proper switch used for a moment compared to a switch that is on/off.

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Etoolcity Air Switch

This is a better version of the Etoolcity garbage disposal switch and has features of a better designed stainless steel unit that doesn’t fade over a period, and it is elastic and flexible. The air switch allows you to deal with any wastage that has been bothering you so that you have a safer and healthier environment.


  • Fits excellently without any difficulties.

  • Wallet friendly as compared to other switches in the same line.

  • Performs well.

  • Looks great when properly fixed.

  • The fixing process is complicated.

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When Is The Right Time To Purchase A New Air Switch For Garbage Disposal?

The air switch allows you to turn the garbage disposal on and off. Switches are made for security reasons since you need to take your hand out of the garbage disposal to turn the switch on or off. Although most people opt for automatic appliances, the garbage disposal will always retain their switches due to security reasons.

There are a few circumstances where you need to get a new switch for your garbage disposal:

  1. There is nothing that occurs when you turn on the switch, and you have double-checked the garbage disposal for any errors, and there are none.
  2. Flick the switch over and over to turn on the garbage disposal system, and nothing happens.
  3. You have to upgrade the garbage disposal switch for different reasons or the current switch you are using is old or damaged.
  4. Convert your wall switch to an air switch for the garbage disposal system.
  5. It might be better to change the switch location compared to the option of replacing the existing switch with a garbage disposal switch located below the sink. It just makes things more inconvenient.

If there is a big issue with the garbage disposal, go through it properly to get rid of other problems before changing into a new air switch for the garbage disposal switch. A broken switch might be the cause of why the garbage disposal refuses to turn on, but you need to check whether the garbage disposal system does not have any clogs.

If you do not know the root of the problem, please have an expert fix the issue. IF you want to make a garbage disposal switch due to convenience, make sure to ask yourself a few questions. Find the best place to place the switch and find out what type of style or finishes will suit your kitchen best.


What Are The Benefits of Changing The Air Switch For Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal switches face a lot of problems. You need to use this switch every day. Old switches will get damaged if you use them all the time. Replacing the old switch with a new switch is going to save you more time and trouble since the current switch will stop performing correctly.

Keep The Kitchen Safe

Replacing the garbage disposal switch makes the kitchen a safer place. There might be a need to install the new switch in an area that is out of reach by young children. You can make a more modern, safer model if you have an older version of the garbage disposal system

Affordable Method

Finally, getting a better air switch for garbage disposal is a cost-free way to make the kitchen look better. For example, replacing an old switch unit to a new switch unit makes the kitchen style look better, or placing the switch into a better location for a stylish look.

Important Points When Choosing The Right Air Switch for Garbage disposal


Start shopping around to get the right garbage disposal switch. You also need to know the model of the garbage disposal so that you can buy the right switch to suit your model of garbage disposal unit at home. There is also a need to know how to mount a new switch for your garbage disposal.

There are a few things that you need to bear in mind when picking a proper switch:

  1. What type of switch do you want? A standard garbage disposal switch or air switch? Air switches are more efficient as they are easy to install.
  2. Do you want the switch to be mounted on the sink or the wall? Which is a location more convenient to install in the kitchen?
  3. What type of color or finishes will look great in the kitchen?
  4. Do you require any safety features to prevent any accidents in the kitchen? It is essential to have safety features, especially when there are young children around.
  5. Do you need to replace the switch properly or do you need a special kit that comes with a power cord. If you need a power cord, how long would the power cord need to be?

Ideas for you

If you want more variety of colors, you should pick the single outlet air switch. This switch can be installed on the countertop with a modern, stylish feel.

If you want a kitchen upgrade, then use the InSinkErator SinkTop Switch. This switch has two outlets so you can put an extra power outlet with the new switch on the second outlet.

There are many other models of air switch that you can consider, but you need to shop around to find the right switch to meet your needs. You need an idea of the features that you want to have in your new switch so that you can narrow down the finer points and get the perfect product for your garbage disposal unit.

You also need to ask yourself where you are going to mount the garbage disposal switch, on the wall; or below the sink? The color of the switch should match the décor of the kitchen, and the result will be perfect for the kitchen.

If possible, you can always install the garbage disposal switch all by yourself. The only thing that you need to do is to mount the whole switch on the sink and connect the wires to the garbage disposal unit. However, if you cannot handle the job, you can always call the experts to install the switch for you.

Here is a short clip on how to install the air switch for garbage disposal.


If you are tired of going through a lot of searches on Yahoo or Google to find the best air switch for a garbage disposal that meets your requirement, consider the tips on the guide mentioned above.

Bear in mind that, no product is 100% perfect and there are good points and bad points of every product above.